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Netnorth is an Internet service provider with the emphasis on service. At Netnorth we work hand in hand with you to devise solutions which embrace the best products, support and services to meet all your online business needs. However, in time most systems can develop weak points and reveal vulnerabilities, and if left unaddressed these vulnerabilities can be exploited to produce unwanted events.
Netnorth provide a range of scaleable firewall services designed to protect your hosted content from undesireable activity and unwanted probing. These range from the unobtrusive Community Firewalling included in our Basic Hosting services, through to completely opaque Bespoke Firewall appliances tailored to your needs.
Additionally, Netnorth maintain an external Vulnerability Testing Platform from which we can test your hosted product, then provide you with regular reports enabling you to demonstrate due diligence to your auditors, regulators and customers.

Firewall Products...

  • NN-CFW Basic Community Firewalling
  • NN-DFW-1 Dedicated Bespoke Firewalling
  • NN-DFW-2
  • NN-DFW-3

Dedicated Firewall Features...

  • Fully managed
  • Upgradeable features
  • Free installation and configuration
Product NN-DFW-1 NN-DFW-2 NN-DFW-3
Price £89+ pm £149+ pm £649 pm
Typical Hardware Cisco 5505 Cisco 5510 Fortigate Appliance
Features Fully managed and supported
Address Translation (Private VLAN and IP subnet)
VPN end point
  Supports Failover
  IPS / IDS Advanced inspection, detection, prevention
  Real-time packet inspection, includes SSL
  Real-time AV protection and pattern updates
  Threat analysis, zero-day vulnerabilities support
Concurrency 10x PPTP  2x SSL ... (Further upgradable)
Ports (Int & Ext) 100Mb Upgradable to 1Gb 1Gb
Min Term 1 Month 12 Month

Scheduled Vulnerability Penetration Testing...

  • NN-VPT-1
  • NN-VPT-7
  • NN-VPT-30
Product NN-VPT-1 NN-VPT-2 NN-VPT-3
Price £25 pm £15 pm £10 pm
Further discounts available for multiple servers
Report Frequency Daily Weekly Monthly
Features Network Scan ( broad port / protocol vulnerabilities )
Application Scan ( in-depth application content vulnerabilities )
Base PCI DSS ( compliance implications )
Min Term 1 Month 1 Month 1 Month


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  Community Hosting

Mail Hosting
  • Advanced threat reduction / filtering
  • Secure connection technologies
  • Flexible webmail service
  • DKIM :: SPF :: DMARC

Web Hosting
  • SSL hosting
  • Replication services
  • Onsite / Offsite rotated backup

  Server Colocation

Server Hosting
  • SOLO preconfigured virtual Servers
  • Customised virtual servers
  • Dedicated hardware servers
  • Network & Application vulnerability & penetration testing

Diverse UK PoPs
Bolton :: Manchester :: London

  Bespoke Solutions

Perfect for small businesses that have limited in-house IT expertise.

NetNorth will collaborate with you to provide your company with the services it actually requires, and will continue to manage those services, making further recommendations when relevant technologies mature.

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